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London Conference Reception Hosted by the Embassy of Afghanistan and Georgetown University
Ambassador Said T. Jawad


Thank you very much, Stewart, for your kind words.

Chairman Sigbatullah Mojaddedi,
Chariman Younus Qanooni,
Foreign Minister Dr. Abdullah,
distinguished members of the Afghan Cabinet and Parliament,
officials of the governments of her Majesty and the United States of America,
officials of the United Nations, NGOs,
members of the media,
and Afghan business leaders,
good evening.

It is my pleasure to welcome you to tonight’s event, on the eve of the historic London Conference and the unveiling of the Afghanistan Compact and the National Development Strategy.

We are here to celebrate the significant achievements of the Afghan government, in partnership with the international community, for the past four years, as well as the reaffirmation of our shared vision and commitment to strengthen security and build a pluralistic and prosperous society in Afghanistan.

The Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington DC has once again joined hands with Georgetown University to convene this forum to provide an opportunity, to those friends of Afghanistan who are here with us tonight, to exchange views and ideas with the members of our government and the newly-elected Parliament in a friendly and informal setting.

We enjoy an enduring partnership with Georgetown. One of the core values of the University is to bring people together. Our mission at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Embassy in Washington is to engage all governmental institutions, private sector, academic institutions, and individuals to increase awareness and further strengthen our friendship with the international community.

Ladies and Gentlemen,

The Bonn Process, set forth the roadmap for rebuilding our state and national institutions. We have successfully held our Presidential and Parliamentary elections, adopted our new constitution, built all national institutions, and achieved significant economic growth with your assistance. Under the leadership of President Karzai, we have come a long way, but the journey has just started.

Now, with the execution of the Afghanistan Compact and the launching of the National Development Strategy, we are proving that the Afghan Government is not only committed, but also acquiring significant capacity to deliver services.

We are grateful for the reaffirmation of the commitments of the United States and the international community to work with us to make our newly built institutions more efficient and effective.

Now it is my privilege to introduce our Foreign Minister, H.E. Dr. Abdullah Abdullah, to share his thoughts about tomorrow’s historic event.

Thank you.