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“Heritage of Afghanistan” - “Saving Bamiyan’s Past for the Future”
Ambassador Said T. Jawad


Professor Tarzi,
Honorable Mayor Gavin and Kimberly Newson
Distinguished Guests,
Ladies and Gentlemen,

I would like to express my sincere appreciation to Professor Tarzi and the members of the Association for the Protection of Afghan Archaeology for organizing the “Heritage of Afghanistan” and the “Saving Bamiyan’s Past for the Future” event. I regret that due to prior commitments I am not able to be with you in my favorite city, San Francisco.

No other country in the world has lost so much of its cultural heritage than Afghanistan, especially with the ancient Buddha status in Bamiyan which was destroyed by the Taliban regime. Fortunately, there might be a third statue buried under the ground in Bamiyan. It is essential therefore to recognize the Association’s initiatives to protect and preserve the rich Afghan cultural heritage, an important part of world history. The Association’s effort to educate the international community about the values of archaeology in Afghanistan is highly appreciated by the people and the Government of Afghanistan.

The various programs that the Association is undertaking for the reconstruction and conservation of Afghanistan’s historic heritage needs wide support from the international community. The Afghan people appreciate the Association’s commitment to provide training to archaeologists to perform surveys, excavation, restoration and conservation projects.

I invite everyone to contribute to the Association’s cause in reviving Afghanistan’s lost cultural heritage to the limelight.

I thank you and wish you continued success.