Said T. Jawad Biography



·       Ambassador of Afghanistan to the Russian Federation

Embassy of Afghanistan – Moscow

January 2021 – April 2022


·       Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United Kingdom

Non-Resident Envoy To Ireland

Embassy of Afghanistan – London

March 2017 – January 2021


·       Ambassador of Afghanistan to the United States of America

Non-Resident Envoy to Brazil, Argentina, Colombia and Mexico

Embassy of Afghanistan – Washington, DC

November 2004 - October 2010


·       Chief of Staff of the President Of Afghanistan

Presidential Palace – Kabul

May 2002 - November 2004


·       Press Secretary and Spokesperson to the President

Presidential Palace – Kabul

March 2002 - May 2002


·       Chief Executive Officer

Capitalize LLC

Strategic Consulting: Investment, Security, and Development – Washington, DC

November 2010 - March 2017


·       Diplomat-in-Residence

Harvard University, John F. Kennedy School of Government – Cambridge, MA

October 2010 - February 2011


·       Senior Fellow

Johns Hopkins University, Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies – Washington, DC

January 2011 – January 2012


·       Chairman and Founder

The Foundation for Afghanistan – Washington, DC

April 2004 – March 2017


·       Global Political Strategist

APCO Worldwide – Washington, DC

March 2010 – March 2017




State Governance

  • Fundamentally reorganized the Office of the President of Afghanistan and managed relevant domestic and international policy issues, including security, military, and development matters. 

·       Managed and strengthened Afghan government institutional capacity in the protection of human rights; support for gender equality and women empowerment; coordination and facilitation of humanitarian assistance.

·       Directed nascent government institutions to prioritize rule of law, transitional justice, budget execution and the fight against corruption, while building institutional resilience to frequent terrorist attacks and warlords’ destructions by strengthening government capacity to proactively plan and swiftly respond.

  • Jointly developed and directed policies with the UN and our international partners to create viable synergies between the emergency response and long-term sustainable development and peace building objectives and thereby reconciling the humanitarian-development nexus to provide effective immediate relief and maintain sustainable long-term development goals, concurrently.

·     Effectively partnered with the UN agencies and the donor community on bilateral and multilateral frameworks to reduce poverty in Afghanistan through multisectoral, integrated programs for the provision of employment and incomes, addressing structural barriers to women’s employment and economic empowerment, as well as providing social protection to ethnic minorities and building adequate infrastructure to address gender inequalities and social exclusions.

·       Supervised and implemented national policies to build institutional resilience, accountability, and legitimacy to perform state functions, including the provision of security services, fighting narcotics, resolution of conflicts, dealing with the warlords and malign actors, reduction of violence, and delivery of essential public goods and services.

  • Coordinated and supervised national policies to recruit locally and deploy ethical, experienced staff at national and provincial levels, while giving paramount consideration to the highest standards of ethics, efficiency, competence, integrity, and gender equality to fill the gaps in critical governance and humanitarian service delivery programs; and to procure material rapidly, cost-effectively, and locally when appropriate.
  • Planned and implemented state policies that reinforced (not replaced) Afghan national and local administrations, while mitigating frictions and crises by cooperating closely with our international partners toward collective outcomes based on leveraging comparative advantage. 


Corporate Governance

·       As founder and chairman of Capitalize, led a dynamic team of international business experts, advising foreign governments and international corporations and investors on politics, defense, security, market entry, commercial opportunities, and development strategies in the Central Asia and Gulf regions, including Afghanistan.

·       Worked with the international partners and private sector to solve the challenges of increasing attacks and acts of violence against humanitarian personnel, facilities, assets, and supplies routes to alleviate the negative implications of such attacks for the provision of humanitarian assistance and government services to the populations in insecure areas of Afghanistan. 

·       Deployed public and private resources to break the cycle of conflict, fragility, and poverty that persisted in the fragile and conflict-affected areas of Afghanistan to address the needs of victims of war and excluded groups due to weak and corrupt institutions, inadequacy of government infrastructure and capabilities, environmental, social and tribal issues, and undiversified/inexperienced private sectors by building functioning local markets and trading relationships that are inclusive, sustainable, honest and responsive.   

·       Established legal and financial institutions to provide targeted grants by the governments and our partners in the donor community to further develop the financial market, especially microfinance as a safety net mechanism to integrate the objectives of economic development with reconciliation, peace, community building and establishment of a civil society.


 Conflict Transformation

·       Extensive peacemaking and peacebuilding experience by conducting and leading talks with insurgents, warlords, malign actors, and stability stakeholders to reduce violence and deconstruct unjust and unlawful power structures.

·       Led consultations and exchanges with the senior leadership of governments, stakeholders and experts at national, regional, and international levels, UN agencies, UNAMA, the UN Special Representative for Afghanistan, human rights institutions, the private sector, and NGOs to improve harmonization of the state building in Afghanistan.

·       Provided capacity support and strategic advisory to the Afghan government during the Doha Negotiations on choice of venue, roadmap, dialogue facilitators, and mediation, as well as best practices for conflict transformation and transitional justice.

·       Advocated for human rights, women’s empowerment, social justice, and equitable conflict resolution, and held a solid track record for social justice, gender equality, access to quality education, democracy, and pluralism.

·       Established the Foundation for Afghanistan, dedicated to providing high quality education for Afghan girls from conflict prone areas of Afghanistan.



·       Re-established the Embassy of Afghanistan in Washington, DC and developed that mission into the highest profiled Afghan embassy, and reestablished diplomatic relations with Brazil, Argentina, Colombia, and Mexico.

·       Managed the convening of the historic “Camp David” talks between President Bush and President Karzai in 2005 and coordinated state visits and foreign trips for Afghan leaders to economic summits in Berlin, Tokyo, Paris, Rome, and London, as well as NATO Security Conferences in Brussels and Warsaw, and G8 in Istanbul.

·       As ambassador in key capitals of Washington, London and Moscow, run all aspects of diplomacy, development and defense through close interaction with the White House, White Hall and the Kremlin, as well as UK, US and Russian government agencies, the State Department, Pentagon, US Congress, UK Parliament and Russian Duma.

  • Actively deliberated with UK, US and European partners to prepare for the consequences of US unconditional and unilateral withdrawal and the rapidly declining aid and multilateral support to Afghanistan and plan for the implications of sudden collapse of governance, rule of law, women rights, minorities protection, and the subsequent influx of refugees to Europe.
  • Developed and helped implement policies, as security crises assumed more complexity in Afghanistan, by mounting flexible, rapid, and reliable tools to facilitate real-time and evidence-based coordinated policy decisions for regional crisis response in face of Taliban advances.

·       Received many diplomatic distinctions, including the Diplomat of the Year Award by the Diplomat Magazine London for responsiveness, engagement, and ingenuity


 Public Engagements

·       Represented Afghanistan in over fifty key international economic and security conferences in North America, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East and Central Asia, and coordinated and accompanied the leaders of Afghanistan to international summits.

·       Lectured at Ivy League academic institutions and universities, including Harvard, Oxford, Cambridge, Bath, Johns Hopkins, Princeton, Stanford, Imperial College London, Durham, Edinburgh, Moscow State University, UC Berkeley, Kansas State, Georgetown, George Washington, Tufts, University of Illinois at Urbana Champaign, University of Texas, as well as the National Defense Intelligence College and National Defense University.

·       Featured in interviews with prominent media outlets, including NBC’s “Meet the Press,” CNN’s “The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer,” BBC World News, Bloomberg’s “Night Talk with Mike Schneider”, and Al Jazeera.

·       Frequent speaker at international think tanks, including the Chatham House, Council on Foreign Relations of Brazil, and Center of Implementation of Public Policy of Argentina, the RAND Corporation, the Brookings Institute, the U.S. Institute of Peace, Atlantic Council, Center for Strategic and International Studies, Council on Foreign Relations, Center for American Progress, American Bar Association, American Enterprise Institute, Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars, the Asia Society, Observer Research Foundation of India, Emirate Center for Strategic Studies, and Fredrich Ebert Foundation of Germany.

·       Published hundreds of articles and commentaries in the United States, Europe, and Afghanistan, and op-eds that have appeared in The New York Times, the Wall Street Journal, Time, The International Herald Tribune, Der Spiegel, Le Monde, The Guardian, Foreign Affairs and Foreign Policy, and authored “The realities of War and Rebuilding in Afghanistan” published in 2005, “Be the Provider of Relief, Not an Inquisitor of Belief,” published in 2016, and “The Last Flamenco in Samangan” published in 3 languages in 2020.



Golden Gate University, School of Business

San Francisco, CA

Executive MBA, December 2001


W. Wilhelms University, School of Law

Muenster, Germany

Extensive studies in international, civil and criminal laws, 1981 to 1984


Kabul University, School of Law and Political Science

Kabul, Afghanistan

LLB, 1980


Awards And Honors

Constitutional Loya Jirga Service Medal

President of Afghanistan

Kabul, 2003


Honorary Doctorate Degree in Organization Leadership

Argosy University

Washington, DC, 2007


Award of Merit for Rebuilding a Nation

The American Society for Engineering Education

Washington, DC, 2007


Academician (Honorary)

Russian Municipal Academy

Moscow, 2021



English, German, French and Farsi





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